Dogwood Coffee + Sanborn Canoe Adventure Pack


Please choose your coffee beans!

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If you were hoping to find the ultimate gift for someone who loves camping, or travel of any type, this is it! In partnership with Sanborn Canoe, we’ve put together a kit with everything you need to make coffee on the road. Inside a custom made Duluth Pack waxed canvas bag you will find:

    • Aeropress + Accessories
    • Porlex Hand Grinder
    • Dogwood Coffee Enamel Camper Mug
    • Sanborn Canoe Enamel Camper Mug
    • Sanborn Coffee Paddle (cute!)
    • Aeropress Brew Guide
    • 12oz Bag of Whole Bean Dogwood Coffee (see dropdown for options)

Bag is 12" x 11" x 4". 

*Note: Aeropress filters and accessories included, though not pictured. All items are shipped in original packaging.


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