• KENYA /<br/> Gakuyu-ini
  • KENYA /<br/> Gakuyu-ini

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  • Silky Hershey's mouthfeel with flavors of juicy blackberries and tart green apples.

    Gakuyu-ini is the name of the mill that is part of the Thirikwa Cooperative Society in the Kirinyaga district of Kenya. This standout coffee primarily consists of SL28 and SL34 varietals grown at 1700 masl. We are total suckers for Kenyan coffees and this one really blew us away. You'll find a silly Hershey's chocolate mouthfeel combined with flavors of juicy blackberries and tart green apples. Enjoy this beauty!

    Special Special denotes a small lot of extra special coffees either by rarity, variety, or processing.

    Available in 12 oz. bags.

  • Lot: Gakuyu-ini
    Region: Kirinyaga
    Altitude: 1700 masl
    Variety: SL28 and SL34
    Process: Washed and dried on raised beds
    Green Storage: GrainPro

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