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  • An incredible cup with booming sweetness that has notes of Tangerine, Rose, and Pomello.

    Managed by lifelong coffee trader Abdi Jebril, Larcho Torka coffee goes through a meticulous process: first, it passes through McKinnon depulpers, then moves into washing channels where it loses its mucilage. It then moves into soaking tanks for another 12 hours overnight, and is laid on drying beds the next morning for eight to ten days. Coffee then moves to a warehouse to condition and stabilize before sorting through and selecting only the cleanest coffee.

    Special Special denotes a small lot of extra special coffees either by rarity, variety, or processing.

    Available in 12oz or 5lb bags.

  • Region: Guji
    Altitude: 2000-2200 masl 
    Variety: Ethiopia Landraces
    Process: Fully washed 

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