Sasaba Natural


  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Sasaba Natural
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Sasaba Natural

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  • Strawberry-like flavors in this coffee, strawberry Twizzlers, strawberry jam, strawberry soda…you get the idea.

    The Sasaba washing station processes both natural and washed coffees from hundreds of small farmers in the Guji zone, though the exact number of farmers is unknown. The farmers that deliver to the station have roughly 10-15 trees each. Natural process coffees have a distinct fruity flavor often described as blueberry, strawberry or raspberry-like. These distinct flavors are created by leaving the coffee cherry intact during the drying process, allowing the flavors of the fruit to absorb into the seed. The process is traditional in Ethiopia, and if the process is done well the coffee turns out like this one—floral with clean fruit flavors.

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    12 ounce bag 

  • Washing station: Sasaba
    Producer: hundreds of small producers  
    Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
    Altitude: 1800 meters 
    Variety: heirloom varieties
    Process: natural  







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